Dajuin Yao


Dajuin Yao is Vice Dean of the School of Intermedia Art, Chair of Open Media Department, and Director of virREAL Center for Art & Technology at the China Academy of Art. He did his doctoral studies in art history at the University of California, Berkeley. Dajuin is an artist whose intermedia experiments freely crosses the boundaries of concrete poetry, sound art, audio-visual, installation, algorithmic, internet and radio art. Dajuin is a major proponent of the alchemy of art and technology in China and has curated a series of large-scale exhibitions and live performances, including Holographia: International Intermedia Art Festival 2018 (Beijing); Meme City: Hacking Realities, International Intermedia Art Festival 2015 (Hangzhou); RPM: Sound Art China touring exhibition (New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, 2013~14); Mind Cosmos: Sci-Fi VR (Guangzhou, 2017). Dajuin's recent research and teaching focuses on Chinese futurology: how are we to envision and design futures in a time and place where Sci-Fi is already reality. He has been leading his students on a time travel that intertwine virtual reality, artificial intelligence, urban planning, culture, and history.

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