Julian Stadon


Julian Stadon is a UK based Australian transdisciplinary artist/designer/curator/educator exploring embodied mixed realities, data bodies, social ecosystems and the Anthropocene. Stadon is Programme Leader of Digital Media Design at The University of Hertfordshire, Subject Leader in Innovative Media and London College of Fashion and Director of The Mixed and Augmented Reality Research Organisation
Previous studies in Marine Biology, Fine Arts and Electronic Arts have led to Stadon's current PhD research, which explores augmentation aesthetics, post-biological identity, and the relationship between embodied data, data bodies and the Anthropocene. Stadon has participated in projects with Ars Electronica, ISEA, NASA, Symantech, BMW, ISMAR, The Bosnian National Archive, Residenz Galerie, Intel, Red Bull Media House, Lumen, Pachube, BNMI, Fukuoka City Museum, Royal Science Institute Australia, TU Munich, AWE, TU Graz, HITLab NZ, BNMI, Media Art Histories, WAAG, Cultivamos Cultura, Open Science Network, Anemonal, House of Vans, The Tate, The V&A, V2, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Kering.

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