Layla Tabatabaie


Layla Tabatabaie, Esq. is a New York attorney, author, and digital marketer.  Having done over six years of branding, fundraising, digital marketing, PR, and copywriting for VC-backed web apps, mobile apps, blockchain companies, and chatbots— such as BarterSugar, TaleMonster, The Drinking Press podcast, and LawNow—she is always seeking the next challenge and opportunity.

Her marketing and outreach experience includes successfully marketing a chatbot game that has been played over 162 thousand times worldwide in one month with $0 spent. With still $0 spent, in just over 4 months, that chatbot game would be played in over 69 countries and 201 cities across the globe. In 9 months, that chatbot game would clock over 1.4 million interactions by players.

Layla is the author of the law chapter in the academic text Learning in Virtual Worlds (2016).  Prior to entering the startup ecosystem, Layla was a key legal research assistant for the legal treatise Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, and Artists.

She lives in her favorite metropolis New York City. To take a break and unwind, Layla enjoys traveling to new places on the globe, writing articles and screenplays, collaborating on art projects, and relaxing to documentary films.

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