Margarete Jahrmann


Margarete Jahrmann, Ph.D., is a pioneer game artist (2004 software arts award transmediale Berlin, 2003 prix ars electronica, distinction interactive arts) and Univ.-Prof. Artistic Research University of Applied Arts Vienna. As professor in Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts she developed a focus on Game Art and Neuro-Epistemology experiments with a specific Ludic method. She founded the Pervasive and Urban Game design and research association Ludic Society and editor of the arts research journal. In her collaborative arts-projects she worked with neuroscientists, philosophers and early adopters of technologies, from Augmented Reality to AI and science theory (Neuroflow 2018, Leonardo talk 2016). She exhibited her work worldwide, is an experienced lecturer (see Amaze and AIL Arts Innovation Lab 2018) and researcher, in 2019 as invited research fellow at the CAS Center of Advanced studies LMU Munich and Art|Sci Center at the School of the Arts and California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI). 2013 she co-edited the augmented book „Play & Prosume. Technology Exchange and Flow.“ with a focus on AR and propaganda, 2016 the void playbook VOID book, premiered at the founding place of Dada, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich. Currently she is working on a series of artistic research experiments in relation to neurointerfaces and play, fostering a new form of Ludic Neuromatic art.

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