Ross Goodwin

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Ross Goodwin is an artist, creative technologist, hacker, gonzo data scientist, and former White House ghostwriter. He employs machine learning, natural language processing, and other computational tools to realize new forms and interfaces for written language.

His projects and collaborations have earned international acclaim: from, a camera that expressively narrates its photographs in real time using artificial neural networks, to Sunspring (with Oscar Sharp, starring Thomas Middleditch), the world's first film created from an AI-written screenplay; from making London’s Trafalgar Square lions roar poetry (“Please Feed The Lions” with Es Devlin), to writing a novel with a car (1 the Road).

Winner of the 2018 IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling, Goodwin earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from MIT in 2009, and his graduate degree from NYU ITP in May 2016. He currently works as Creative Technologist for Google’s Artists + Machine Intelligence program (

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